Found this in my room and these could really help some people

It seems as though i always fuck everything up even when my intentions are better than anyones. I was going to put in my 3 week notice because i got so run down from work. Talked to my manager and he asked if I would want to be a possible supervisor and I said I would be interested if there were compensation. Had a meeting with both managers about it, and he said all i do is complain and that i wasnt good enough to be a supervisor. I complained about being harassed at work by my co worker who called me a skinny bitch.

No matter how hard i worked it was never good enough. I got so stressed out i made myself sick and im pretty sure i have ulcers, insomnia and my thyroid levels are going back to how they were— really bad. I almost passed out at work so i went home early. I called in sick the next day, and now my manager told me not to even bother coming in. I am not on the schedule. I need to see a dr. I have rent and all of my friends have left me, and i have no job?

Ill find out tomorrow
Hope i can sleep

I need jesus



Man life was cool for a quick second then it all went to shit somehow. Where is the light at the end of this tunnel.
I really need help finding it.


Iā€™m having a raw gems moment. Oh me oh my.

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