the true american experience is wondering if you just heard firecrackers or gunshots


I miss my cat so much and my gram. Only about 5 days or so til we come back.

Thank you

Felt so good to meet all of these amazing kids tonight. It makes me happy to be alive.

So today, as in yesterday…. Was interesting ! After i ate that burger we ended up going to this magical pit stop where i sink showered, with the coldest ice water. It felt AMAZING.

We then stopped at a really cute shop where i tried not to buy everything.

The drives were crazy long and my sleep cycles all messed up. But after driving all night, all day and all night again we finally made it to New Mexico!

Its crazy how different it is! All the houses are rectangular and flat and theres barely any grass for front lawns.

Its about to be hella hot too.
But tomorrow… As in today we will most likely be going into town and hopefully will see some coyotes and prairie dogs!

This tour started out weird as fuck. San jose show was cancelled, because our merch girl was underage. I went without sleep for like 24 hours and finally slept 2 hours and am alive.

I had to pee on the side of the road somewhere and i just couldnt hold it. Cisco kept shouting “watch out for the rattlesnakes!” And as soon as he got into the van He sat on a bee! Haha who the hell knows how that bumble got there but jeeeezzze. His booty got stung.

Now we are in az and im surrounded by blankets sleeping bags and pillows. Scarfed down a nice juicy burger which was much needed after eating sticks and twigs and shit.

Ive forgotten how tour makes you appreciate EVERYTHING.


I cracked the window just a bit and the cool air is pushing some kind of sweet summer scent towards my face.

I placed sprigs of lavender there, and my vanilla tea candles along the window sill.

I love being cold before I go to sleep
And how quiet the creek is, and knowing that there are so many birds and animals sleeping in the trees just above us.

Life can be really really terrible and busy and awful but coming home from a long day, I feel like I can rest easily as long as you’re still breathing peacefully next to me.